Linie Line Linea – Contemporary Drawing

The drawing, the primal form of artistic expression and global picture language, has a central role in contemporary art. Drawing features in every culture, just as every culture has its vocabulary of symbols, whether they be taken from mythological, political, historical, religious, or other sources.

About the exhibiton

The exhibition provides an overview of contemporary drawing in Germany. At each location of the touring exhibition the works presented enter into a new dialogue: the works are by Irina Baschlakow, Marc Brandenburg, Monika Brandmeier, Fernando Bryce, Marcel van Eeden, Gerhard Faulhaber, Katharina Hinsberg, Pauline Kraneis, Pia Linz, Christiane Löhr, Theresa Lükenwerk, Nanne Meyer, Thomas Müller, Christian Pilz, Alexander Roob, Malte Spohr, German Stegmeier, Markus Vater, Jorinde Voigt, and Ralf Ziervogel. Twenty artists ask what drawing can be today, motivating exhibition visitors to examine the differences and correlations between the drawings and symbols of their own culture.

82 Artworks

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